Caimito One Team

Caimito One Team is a team collaboration and project management tool aimed at dispersed teams with direct customer contact. It is made by Caimito Development S.A., a software studio in Panama City, Panama.


Immediately after logging current conversations, together with graphs visualizing the project status, are displayed. This view is a replacement for the daily standup meeting co-located Scrum teams perform. Members of a geographically dispersed team get the most current updates the moment they log into the tool and can immediate engage with their fellow team members by responding to comments or requests left by them.

Dashboard after login with project status and current conversations


Every day team members spend most of their time using Caimito One Team on the iteration view. Here they can pick new items to work on, find a pairing partner or help other other through comments or by picking up a team task.

Iteration view for team coordination


Depending on who is using Caimito One Team the backlog is presented with slightly different features. Grooming the backlog is an important task that the whole team engages in. In Caimito One Team the backlog is supposed to be kept well groomed, which means the items for the next iteration are simply waiting at the top and starting a new iteration because a matter of saying "let's go" and a single click.

The customer is part of the team. COT gives him a voice and a real responsibility. Stakeholders can not only edit any item in the backlog, they can also vote on items. Their votes influence an item's relative ranking amonst others marked as having the same business value.
Product Owner
The backlog is where the Product Owner spends most of the time at. Amongst other actions items can be edited and commented on to answer questions from members of the development team and stakeholders.
Team Member
Anyone can add an item to the backlog including members of the development team. Further team members are encouraged to have conversations about upcoming items so that stakeholders and Product Owner get an early opinion.
Backlog with user stories

Estimated Release Plan

All customers want to know when it's done. Caimito One Team allows them to see this in a more meaningful way. There is no point in telling customers "it will be done by date X", as that date depends on so many factors and eventually will be wrong anyways. The estimated release plan takes the average velocity (yesterday's weather) and the current prioritized backlog to project how many iterations the team might need to work through it.

Estimated release plan based on average velocity

Caimito One Team was a learning project started in 2007 at Caimito Development S.A. in Panama. A team of five Panamanian software developers who had recently graduated from the University of Panama worked on it for about 6 months to learn professional software development practices and tools besides being introduced to Scrum. The tool has been sold to a few customers but is not on sale anymore.