Prepare for the Digital Age

Excellence through sustainable development of organizational and technical capabilities


Benefits for you and your company

Similar to a coach in sports, I can help you and your teams to improve the effectiveness of your work and the contribution to the overall value creation chain within the company. It is my pleasure to introduce new techniques for software development, test, project management and product development to your teams and leadership. Included in that is to improve the collaboration amongst management, teams and team members.

Let's make sure your company is one of the best.

The Learning Team

Teams are the smallest unit able to learn within an organization. Workgroups made of specialists deliver inferior performance because those specialists frequently are unable to truly collaborate. Success comes from technical capabilities. Sustainable long-term success comes from organizational capabilities.

Organizational Capabilities

Teams with well-developed organizational capabilities are able to act purposefully in accordance with the corporate purpose and continue to make useful decisions.

Scrum and Kanban are useful to develop general organizational capabilities.

Activity-Centered Design can help to understand what people want to do through software and develop customers.


Technical Capabilities

The difference between a team of advanced professionals and a team of really experienced professionals is caused by continuous learning. Masters of their craft are what they are because of years of practice with well-suited techniques.

Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD) are useful techniques to develop technical excellence.

Team Coaching

To enable teams to purposefully work for the company they must have technical and organizational capabilities, which are helpful for the company. The development of these skills is through learning with the help of a team coach.